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GLG Insurance Professionals has over 25 years industry experience. We are staffed with producers you can trust. They are knowledgeable in all areas of insurance and provide quality customer service. GLG Insurance Professionals is an independent agency who represents the client (insured). We place our clients with various Companies (insurers) based on different criteria. Our goal is to place our clients with the best company which suits their needs. GLG Insurance Professionals offers a wide variety of insurance products, including Auto, Home, Life, Health, Disability and Commercial, Flood, Watercrafts, Personal & Commercial Excess Liability (Umbrella), Surety Bonds and much more. GLG Inc. will represent all carriers and its products with professionalism, integrity, product knowledge, financial accountability and excellent customer service. We will accomplish this assisted by a licensed, well trained staff. We will provide multi-lines insurance protection and security for individuals, families, and business enterprises. 

At GLG Insurance we will concentrate on growth in our operating states. Our licensed staff will assist customers in times of need. We will encourage a positive atmosphere with qualified staff that participate in personal and professional growth and maintain ethical standards in all relationships. With proper assessment of client needs, we will align them with the most suitable carrier and maintain loyalty to our insured.

Truck Insurance

Heavily regulated due to its size and the concern for public safety, the commercial trucking industry has access to a wide assortment of insurance policies.

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Long Haul Trucking

GLG Insurance Professionals can put you in touch with insurers who provide a wide range of affordable insurance coverage for long haul trucking vehicles.

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Transportation and Livery

We offer a wide assortment of transportation protection for commercial vehicles, include Livery Insurance services at an affordable prices.

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General Liability

Your business needs complete protection against a variety of circumstances. Therefore, business liability insurance provides several different levels of protection.

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GLG Insurance

Truck Insurance Professionals
Truck On We Got You Covered!

Commercial Property

GLG Insurance Professionals has access to several options for your commercial property insurance needs, so your company isn’t limited to one, high-cost provider.

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Professional Liabiltity

If you are a business professional, errors and omissions insurance coverage can protect you against damages and losses arising from an inadvertent oversight or mistake.

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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation insurance Intended to protect a company’s employees in the event of an accident occurring during the workday.

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Surety Bonds

Not every business owner is going to need surety bonds to continue their daily operations. However, when you do, it is important to obtain them ...

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